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Australian Injury Helpline is an independent organisation, which is here to help you. We are not Lawyers and will not charge you for using our service. Our service can arrange for you FREE independent legal advice from specialist lawyers on whether or not you may have a compensation claim.

Thousands of people are injured in accidents through no fault of their own. At a company premises, in motor vehicle accidents, in properties or buildings, in shopping centres, at sporting events, in school or any public place you may be owed in certain circumstances a "Duty of Care".

If you have been injured in an accident this "Duty" may not have been met. In addition, in certain circumstances you can be entitled to compensation irrespective of fault or responsibility for causing the injury.

Compensation can include:-

Loss of Earnings Payment of Medical Expenses Payment of any Other Directly Related Expenses and Direct COMPENSATION for the Injury Sustained

This could add up to TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS and if you are entitled to compensation you should pursue a claim!

Here at Australian Injury Helpline we have access to top independent personal injury lawyers who will advise you on your compensation entitlements. Please note, time limits apply to the majority of claims so it is important you act today.

You deserve the best representation - contact Australian Injury Helpline first by either completing the Free Case Review on this page or telephoning 1800 22 33 63.

Australian Injury Helpline is a division of MACC Holdings (Aust) Pty Ltd


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